About me

Lisa Tyrrell Perry-Amos was born in Somerville New Jersey. As a child, Lisa dreamed of being an accountant, which she did successfully. Growing up in New Jersey Lisa was raised by her grandmother who loved her unconditionally. After the death of her grandmother Lisa met her husband who was very abusive. Lisa is the single mother of 2 daughters.Her brother Sal and Hass is her family life. Lisa later moved to Atlanta, Georgia and back to NJ. Lisa then met Novel Tees who was in the process of opening a book store. Novel Tees became her mentor and she decided to open a book store of her own. She then met J. M Benjamin.... n between Novel Tees and J.M. she became herself. Lisa began to network with authors and now she has over 2200 authors and 10 rappers that she promotes. Lisa is also the host of Word On Da Street radio show which she hosts with cohost Alterick Gaston. Word On The Street radio show interviews every month inmates for her show Incarceration to Freedom then she has shows with authors about their books and also talks about topics such as domestic violence held on Sundays at 5pm est. These are topics that Lisa knows all too well. She feels that if other women learn about the show they will come and speak out which many have done. Not only women of abuse but families of the abused as well. Word On Da Street also hosts Rapper Wednesdays which are held Wednesday nights at 8pm est. Lisa also Co hosts 6 other shows as well. On March12 2011 Lisa had her first event for authors at the No. Atlanta Trade Center in Georgia. Word On Da Street also has a website which features authors and rappers as well. And those that can't make it in to the store can order their books online. Lisa is not only a survivor of domestic abuse but child abuse as well. Lisa is all around a survivor and she wants everyone to know that God is not through with her yet. The best is yet to come.